full name ella franklin comicverse emma frost star sapphire birthdate ◦ age 12/12/1985 ◦ 30 hometown savannah, ga current residence boston, ma occupation mergers & acquistions; FSX corp personality SagittariusINFPType 8 relationship status flirting with disaster

Ella Franklin was born the oldest girl to a family who desperately wanted a son, coming from a family with old money and old values who believed that a son should be the one who would one day take over the family business. It came down to two boys after that, so quickly after Ella's first birthday that they barely needed to have separate parties to celebrate. Her father, Walter Franklin, was the head honcho of one of the area's top non-profit organizations, First Step, who supported local military veterans getting the necessary help after their return from combat. It had grown and adapted, absorbing a couple of different smaller organizations in the process, and occupied an entire floor of an skyscraper in downtown Boston. But by no means was Ella ever to run the company.

Instead, she would be placed in etiquette classes, as well as ballet to make sure she remained "the lawyer's type" over the years, and encouraged to date men whose fathers were well connected or golfing buddies with her own. Ella's mother Hazel controlled what she did and what image she put out to the world, and dealt with the tension in the household by washing pain killers down with a glass of red wine.

It wasn't until high school where she met a new friend who encouraged bad behaviors and the two of them went a little crazy, partying and acting wild, and she changed her name to Ellie insisting that it was more "her"; then photographs of her dancing topless in a basement were mailed to her father without a return address that she was threatened with rehab. Instead, Ella decided to rebel further; while she attended Boston College and kept nearly perfect grades, a high-end gentlemen's club hired a new dancer who went under the name White Queen and remained employed until graduation in 1998.

First Step came under fire in late 2000 when her younger brother Anthony came out of the closet. Their parents were quick to insist that it was a phase, that his longterm girlfriend wasn't just a cover-up, and asked Ellie to intervene. Stubbornly, she declined to help, explaining that it would be their problem and not hers, that it wasn't really a problem at all, and booked a first-class ticket to Cabo San Lucas to drink away her troubles.

She decided to go to Columbia to continue her education and avoid dealing with anything regarding the company she had been shunned away from for her entire life, and there she met a man with excellent connections and ambition, whom she put her partying ways on the back burner for. He was intelligent and cared more about who she was rather than how quickly she could scoop out her jello shot with her tongue. So Ellie hung up her beer bong and the White Queen and got serious about her education. It was strange, thinking about what she actually wanted to do with her life because for so long she'd had people telling her what to do and how to look, finally she channeled that experience into good use and took a path down public relations, focusing on crisis management. Because let's face it, she needed it.

comicverse biography
Carol Ferris is the boss and on-off love interest of Hal Jordan. Her family owns the Ferris Aircraft company, she acts as an executive, and occasionally as a pilot. She is also Star Sapphire, a once villainous role occupying another part of her personality entirely. In the Star Sapphire Corps, where she fights for love across the universe, she has taken on a more heroic role. Carl Ferris, owner of the Ferris Aircraft Company, decided to retire early and travel the world, leaving his daughter Carol president of the company. Carol hired Hal Jordan and quickly found herself attracted to the fearless test pilot, but would not date him because he was her employee.

Carol Ferris fell in love with the hero Green Lantern, unaware that he was her test pilot Hal Jordan. Coincidentally, Ferris was selected to become the queen of an immortal race of extraterrestrial women warriors known as Zamarons, but did not desire to leave Earth because of her love for Green Lantern. Desperate for their queen, the Zamarons hypnotized Ferris into thinking Green Lantern was her enemy. When she was defeated by the emerald gladiator, the Zamarons deemed Ferris unworthy of leadership and removed her memory of being Star Sapphire, although they left behind both the gem and a subconscious knowledge of her powers. Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and again, but each time Jordan would defeat Ferris and revert her to normal.

facts Chilean and Mexican on her mother's side, Scottish on her father's. A true "M.A.P.", she celebrated both quinceañera and cotillion at 15. Speaks Spanish fluently, and basic French and Standard Chinese.

Lives for her family and is especially loyal to her father. While she and her mother enjoy a loving relationship, Caroline sees Cat's very Hispanic views on marriage and parenting as antiquated.

While she was raised in a Roman Catholic home, Caroline is not a practicing member of the faith. She attends the random religious ceremony if her father asks but otherwise avoids religion and politics like the plague.

LIKES: Fitness (yoga and climbing), Salsa dancing, traveling, David O. Russell films, Adidas sneakers, authentic Mexican cuisine, cross stitch, and the sounds of Toro y Moi, Alvvays, Atlas Sound and Manu Chao.

DISLIKES: Top 40 radio, Real Housewives of Anything, tabloids, extreme heat, clutter, and cats (she's allergic).