Jean Grey  
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⤑ full name jacqueline madelyne gris ⤑ comicverse jean grey / the phoenix ⤑ age + birth date 38 + 23 june 1977 ⤑ birthplace new delhi, india ⤑ residence boston, ma ⤑ occupation professor of psychology at umass ⤑ relationship status #foreveralone ⤑ pets scully, mulder and skinner
Once upon a time, is the start that most stories seem to use but for this one it starts off as a simple introduction for two hapless love birds. John and Elaine, started out at either ends of their social circles. John a hapless bookworm who grew up with his nose buried deeply into his studies. Elaine a rather sociable young woman who could have any boy she wanted throughout her school life. Their two worlds came crashing together when they first met at a school function in Boston, Massachusetts.

Opposites attracted almost as immediately as they met. Sparks flew between the two of them. Elaine and John became inseparable throughout their young adult life while in school. Though John was going to school to become a therapist, it took him rather longer for him to finish school than Elaine. Elaine finished early, earning her early education degree and started teaching kindergarten to help John finish up his studies. By the time he had finished, he had a practice already set-up and ready to go when Elaine divulged the news that she was pregnant. They didn't know what they should do, being as young as they were it didn't occur to them to get married right away. But Elaine wanted to live her life with John and they did just that. They moved to New Delhi, India. There Elaine received an occupation teaching children english and John opened a practice, learning hindu while he was there.

By the time Jacqueline came into their lives, they were more than happy to be greeted by a bundle of red hair and bright colored eyes. She was the spark in their life that they needed and she continued to be there for them during the worst and best of times. When she turned five years old, the Gris family decided it was time to return to the states. Moving back into the Gris's old family home, John and Elaine had trouble at first finding jobs to keep them busy. Elaine eventually decided to stay at home and raise Jacqueline until she was old enough to care for herself. And John started to work at the local hospital taking care of those patients who needed help coping. It was a hard job at first but eventually it came together for him and he opened his own practice only a few more years down the line.

The young Jacqueline quickly made friends with a young girl about her age by the time she was ten. They were nearly inseparable, always seen together and taking in a strange language they created between each other. Despite their growing closeness, John and Elaine Gris were more than happy to see them become almost siblings. It was on the eve of fall, just before school started that Jacqueline and her best friend Anne were racing their bikes through the streets of one the many Boston suburbs. They were racing, laughing and chasing one another through the back streets when Anne swerved in front of Jacqueline's bike and ended up colliding with a car. Her small body was thrown from her bike and ended up nearly twenty feet from where her bike was. Jacqueline didn't know how to react to the sight. She was off her bike and scrambling to her best friend's side. She was the last person to see, speak and be there for Anne before her life ended. Since that moment, Jacqueline was no longer a happy ten year old but a devastated child who didn't know what to do with her life.

Anne's death took so much out of Jacqueline that she was speechless for nearly a year of her life. Her parents were devastated that their daughter was no longer normal, anymore. That she was broken, in more ways than one. They called for a specialist to help their daughter, to help bring what was going on with her to light. He recommended they keep her in school, not to push her and let her overcome this ordeal herself.

They didn't give up on their daughter and when she entered high school, she met a young man about her age. There was a rather unusual connection between them. They shared a lifetime of stories, secrets and by the time they turned eighteen - Jacqueline found out she was pregnant n. She was terrified, scared of what her life was turning into and everything was happening so fast. She told her mother first, then her father; he was furious as to what had happened to her. He threatened the other boy, telling him to watch himself. The other ran off, mostly out of fear of her being pregnant and not knowing what to do with the information. Jacqueline didn't blame him, she knew that it was scary and that she was terrified of it as well. The only option she had was to give up the baby by the time she was born. In the end, she had a daughter and it was the hardest thing Jacqueline had ever had to do.

At the end of this time in her life, Jacqueline decided that it was time she left Boston behind and being accepted into the psychology program at the New York University. It was the chance of a lifetime and everything she had been through the past few years - this was the change she needed more so than she had ever thought before. With the help of her parents she packed up everything she had and headed for New York with an open mind and a fresh start.

It took more than awhile for her to get used to her new position in New York. To trust that her life was something of a fresh start and it was everything she needed at this point. Though it was well into a year that she met, James Logan. A young man, with the same hopes and ambitions that she was looking for her in her life. They clicked rather instantly. An intense attraction formed between them and before Jacqueline knew it, she was swept up into the life of James Logan and together they were joined in matrimony.

She quickly found out the hard way that the life she wanted with James Logan wasn't the one she was looking for. At first it was pure unadulterated bliss, one that she was easily caught up in. He swept her away, both in body and mind. She was still continuing on with her studies, planning on at least following in her father's footsteps. Her studies distracted her from his choices in drinking and staying out late into the evenings. She didn't know what to make of it. That her mind drifted to horrible things.

She accused him of adulterated things, that he spent his money on alcohol and women. Or at least that was what she believed. She didn't know if it was the truth or not but her heart was broken and so was her trust. After she finished her degree, she left him one night and didn't bother with letting him know. It was far more difficult for her than she thought it was going to be. Well into a year of returning to Boston, she sent him the papers and took back up her studies to attend medical school at the University of Massachusetts.

It was a choice she rather enjoyed, not knowing if it was going to help point her in the right direction nor if it would help her get her life together. It took James quite awhile to sign the papers and once he did, she felt a strange surge of freedom. By the time she graduated she left Boston and started to travel the world. She spent a great deal of time in New Delhi, India. She learned Hindi and started to enjoy a fresh new look on life. After a few years spent traveling and learning of new cultures she returned to Boston. She was offered a position at Boston General Hospital as a consultant for local Neurosurgeon department. She became quite well known in her area of expertise and it was because of this that she was eventually offered a place in the University of Massachusetts to teach.

She has been there for nearly four years now and is quite proud of what she has made of herself there. She has reconnected with a few close friends she has made throughout her life and that even includes James. Despite everything she has been through, Jacqueline is quite happy where she is and prefers to keep it that way.

Basic Information
It was upon the death of her best friend, that a young Jean Grey first experienced the emotions of death and with that experience manifested her telepathic mutant powers. Her parents, John and Elaine Grey, brought Jean to Professor Charles Xavier for medical help. While he treated Jean, he also used her to fine tune his famous Cerebo machine. It was through there that she was introduced to the Phoenix raptor and touched the very mind of Scott Summers in the orphanage. Later, Professor Xavier placed psychic shields in her mind to prevent her from using her telepathic powers until she was mature enough to use and control them. She was one of the founding members of the original X-Men team, calling herself Marvel Girl. She soon fell in love with fellow student Scott Summers and would eventually develop a strong attraction towards Logan (Wolverine).

After the X-Men defeated scientist Stephen Lang and his robotic Sentinels in space, they escaped back to Earth in a shuttle through a lethal solar radiation storm. Dying from radiation poisoning, Jean was saved by the cosmic entity known only as the Phoenix Force who then created a duplicate body, personality and emotions of Jean Grey. It was then that the original Jean Grey was thrown into suspended animation and was sent to the bottom of Jamaica Bay. For months afterwards, the Phoenix believed itself to be the true Jean and saved the universe by healing the M'Kraan Crystal. But it was the telepathic manipulation by Mastermind that caused the Phoenix to go insane and become the Dark Phoenix. It was then that both consciousnesses formed within the Phoenix and caused it to commit suicide.

A small portion of Jean's own consciousness journeyed into the afterlife and met a manifestation of Death. Death then explained the Phoenix Force to Jean, who now wore the White Phoenix costume, before a small portion of her own consciousness and residual Phoenix energy was sent to Jean's original body but it was rejected. It was then sent to her clone, Madelyne Pryor, where it was accepted. Jean was eventually rescued by the X-Men and she faced off against her clone. Madelyne and Phoenix were both defeated by Jean, only to be absorbed by her into a form of Phoenix energy. During a battle with Celestial on an alien world, Jean expelled this energy and everything she absorbed all the while keeping faint expressions of their memories.

Rejoining the X-Men, Jean and Scott eventually married and were temporarily teleported into a possible future to help raise Nathan Summers. Later, Scott sacrificed himself to stop Apocalypse from gaining the power of the Twelve. Apocalypse, using Scott's body as a host, was eventually removed from Scott by Jean. However, Scott's corruption by the villain strained his relationship with Jean. She eventually took over as the acting headmistress for the Xavier Institute and was again revisited by the Phoenix Force. Following the attack on the X-Men a mutant posing as Magneto (Xorn), both Jean and Logan were trapped within a space station hurtling towards the sun. Logan, feeling guilt and not wanting his teammate to suffer any longer, killed Jean causing her to be resurrected. Returning to Earth, with the power of the Phoenix, she faced off against Xorn and was killed by an electromagnetic force.

After her final death she ascended to the White Hot Room and merged with the Phoenix, once more she became the White Phoenix and is doing all she can to put together it's missing pieces.

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