hey big spender. spend a little time with me.

The lights, the plush cushions, it was everything you would picture a high-class gentleman's club to be. Business men and women alike would bring their clients from out of town for a good time, where the drinks were flowing and a couple hundred dollars got you a little extra attention, but the big money was in the back, away from watching eyes. There wasn't anything great about the private rooms except for the money that came pouring out, and for what? Closer dancing, some guys just wanted to talk, some had just been cheered on by their friends who pooled the money together for a little one on one action before Ellie laid out the strict ground rules: "There is no touching me, got it baby?"

Ellie Franklin was not one to trust very easily, not anymore. She was older now, just out of college and directionless in life. She had a smoking hot body and knew how to move along with the music to get the attention of the fattest wallets in the place. It was her only option, however, to trust the muscular security guards standing in the darkened hallway to protect her if one of the guys got a little too bold. They offered her drugs, invitations to come back to their suites at the Hilton, but Ellie always shook her head no.

The minute you walked in the joint I could see you were a man of distinction, a real big spender. Good lookin', so refined say, wouldn't you like to know what's goin' on in my mind? so let me get right to the point: I don't pop my cork for every man I see.

There was something magnetic about being on stage, about having all of the eyes in the room on you. Maybe in a past life she had been a singer or a performer of some kind, maybe a Broadway dancer, she liked to dream. She was always someone else, though. Once she hit the stage, she was a different girl completely, like she was living another life altogether. The White Queen. She didn't have another name, but that regal psyedonym that protected her from her life on the other side. Her father had long limited her funds, and since she wasn't showing up for any kind of family function that wasn't explicitly mandatory, she didn't feel like she deserved anything from them.

The ensembles were all unique and on their own, Ellie preferring the act of removing layer by layer until there was very little left to the imagination. But that was the thrill, wasn't it? Anyone could instantly pull up the most explicit images of the female anatomy with a tap of their finger, but the anticipation, the theatrics of watching someone slither up and down the stage was what kept them coming back for more. As the White Queen, she kept her ensembles to match her name: mostly white and silver pieces that were covered in sparkling fake diamonds.

Never before had she been in such great shape, though. At first she was clumsy, doing what she thought men at classy strip clubs would want to see, but it was the opposite. If you set the precedence, they would have nothing left to follow but your example. So Ellie practiced, long before it was popular to do so, climbing the pole and spinning with only her calf and the muscles in the back of her leg supporting her, back bent in an impossible bend so her curled and teased wig nearly touched her feet. It was sexy and empowering, not only her strength but the reaction when an otherwise skinny thing like her used the pole to assist her with the splits was a drug all it's own.

hey big spender. spend a little time with me.

She had just ended an engagement, given the beautiful ring back and walked away, because it was like they were working on two different wave lengths. Waiting until after the dust settled on his own life, Ellie knew that she couldn't be the woman he needed, despite their years together. The separation hadn't pushed her into dancing, it wasn't a bottom barrel kind of job. It was good money under the table and she enjoyed the work, honestly. She'd made good friends with the other girls there, with the bartenders and bouncers, and they watched out for one another. It was about flirting and smiling and winking and making sure that she brought home enough money every week to rent a nice apartment,

wouldn't you like to have fun? how's about a few laughs? I can show you a good time. let me show you a good time. hey big spender.