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Frankie Snow  An adult who refuses to grow up.
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August 14th 2016

A little manicure and mimosa morning. #treatyoself

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August 13th 2016

I think I have some competition. @slimwinters

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August 10th 2016

Trying to be healthy.. at what cost.

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August 8th 2016

When the little girls at work want you to come home with them because they have older brothers they want you to marry.

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August 6rd 2016

My two favorite humans. I mean furry friends. I mean humans.

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August 5rd 2016

When there are people over but I have to stay up spcializing when I just want to go to bed...

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August 1st 2016

I hope everyone has a happy Monday! Come by Once Upon a Princess for Macaron Mondays.

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July 31st 2016

I am honestly the luckiest lady in the world. @slimwinter

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July 29th 2016

"So sorry Mom, I didn't mean to poop in your closet. I am really sorry about that and I hope you can forgive me because look how pathetic I am." - Stella

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